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Synergy Habesha Media, Communications and Technology PLC is an experienced media, communications and technology company established in 2003 G.C. Synergy Habesha Media, Communications and Technology has a unique corporate experience and capabilities with substantial operational staff in a variety of assignments and service delivery in the area of MCT. Having been established with the motto “empowering community through media and technology”, Synergy provides 360-degree services in documentary and feature film production, best practice documentation, TV & Radio program, business brand identity, corporate communication and information technology services that can hasten economic ans social welbeing.


Synergy’s vision is to see a conscientious, empowered and media and technology literate society capable of telling their own stories and sucesses through a variety of media and technolgy.


Synergy’s mission is to harness the power of media and technology, and speed up economic and social development in Ethiopia through information dissemination, sensitization and awareness creation through all media and technology platforms.


Synergy believes in the inherent potential of media and technology to empower communities to solve their problems by themselves.

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